How I discovered New Planets, Galaxies? - 9LU 137786

All Planets, Solar Systems, Stars, and Galaxies can only be discovered after nullifying the gap of the Non-Existential Magnetic Field Region between the two Existential Magnetic Field Region.

It is hard to engulf, but Light travel in a vacuum is only possible because of the existence of an Existential Magnetic Field in that Region, or to be more technically specific, I can say in that frame of reference. The Existential Magnetic Field is a vector. Existential Magnetic Field does not affect the path of light(mean travel) but supports the travel.

Light doesn't need any path to travel, but actually, it needs a path. It can only travel in Existential Magnetic Field and Not able to Travel in Non-Existential Magnetic Field but help to find new planets, Galaxies and more.

Suppose a light particle reaches the boundary, the last point of the Existential Magnetic Field of galaxies(or anything). In that case, all the energy of that particle will become zero once it reaches the endpoint of the boundary, and all that energy will help in increasing the length of boundaries.
This is silly, and only for geeks that I don't discover Planets first. Light does that before me.
Till now, I have answered that question, How light discovers new Planets, Solar Systems, and Galaxies.


Now I am answering How I discovered them. I use 4th Dimensional Maps, which help me cumulate the points of the 4th dimension of the frame. Till now, I have discovered 200 Planets where the possibility of life is 100 percent, and out of them, 13 are more biologically advance than us.


Important Keywords: Existential Magnetic Field, Light, 4th Dimensional Maps


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