About Me

I am an Indian who started his journey on 13th December 2008 as a researcher, and I never forget that date, the day I became 16 years old, I was in 10th standard. I started the journey with one dream to discover how I can watch past events and go in the past to know what the truth is behind every event that ever happened in the past.

In preparation for this, I cleared my basics, and It took more than two years so that I can also know what people are at and what things have been achieved and what can be achieved. I found nothing, and whatever I found is either wrong or half-true, and people are getting Prizes for their inappropriate and half-true researches. However, I am still in favour of these awards. Even if anyone can take 1 percent inspiration to become someone, then nothing wrong with it. They were wrong and half-true because, at that time, people thought those things are correct, and no one is there to make them accurate, and I don't have enough time to go for every single one, Better, do your work and never lose focus from your aim.

Almost after two years, I got my first path to follow, but here difficulty is that no one has researched or discovered anything in that field. After almost eight years of hard work, I finally discovered the 4th Dimension while doing experiments of distance travel through gates by an object. I got lucky. I discovered the 4th Dimension and sent any object from one gate to another through the 4th Dimension simultaneously. Before finding the 4th Dimension, I always know there is something behind the gate, but I never knew it would be the 4th Dimension. I was trying to open the gates such that an object can go through gates from one point to another.

This discovery will be the most important stepping stone in discovering the ways to watch past events, and it will take at least 18 years to discover, and if I invent that, It will take another 18 years to discover the ways to go in the past.

Till now, I have more than 50 thousand inventions, discoveries, and researches. For me, the 4th Dimension is still my most significant discovery than discovering Nuclear Reactive Metal Radyam(Radhe Shyam).

I know, by the time I will discover all I wanted, I will be old, but that's all I wanted from life, have no regret. My passion is to invent or discover and keep going. I never wish to fame or name. I always follow the morals and principles which I have build for my good.

I have not taken any help from anybody, whatever I have built, or I am because of my hard work and blessings of God, to keep me in the right direction. That's why I choose 9LU 137786 to be my identity so that I always have gifts of God from all religions.

People who know me called me a Scientist, Researcher, Physicists, and Software Developer, but for me,
I am a Learner.

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