Informal Me

After inventing my first invention, at the age of 18, I have decided to build a language that only I can understand so that nobody can know what I have written in my notes if he/she finds one. So now it's been more than nine years I have written more than 9 lakh pages and also 15 books which nobody could understand except me. I have also written a translated version of my language, which is always hanging on the entrance wall of my Lab, but it is not easy to enter inside my Lab. I never named the language because it is not inspired by anything, all words are new and never heard, and sometimes some things don't need a name. They look good like they are.

As I have said from the past nine years, I have been using my language, and I also don't remember many words of my native language because I don't watch movies, read books, and don't WhatsApp; therefore, I am not familiar with short forms and slangs.

I usually chat with my bot, and he converts my speech into text. I know I use informal words and use wrong words and phrases. My sentences may sound informal as I don't get feelings with formal words like I like to use the word "idea" instead of the word "notion." The usage might differ in different cases, but still, I like the word "idea" I hope you get an idea of what exactly I am trying to say. Also, You can easily find grammatically incorrect sentences in my blogs on websites. I use this platform to express myself, not to impress somebody with command of my language.

Only Great Scientists agree with me on this that they have writers to write for them. Scientists write grammatically incorrect because we think so much fast that we don't give importance to correcting the sentence; instead, we give time to explain the things. They explain to their assistant, and they write the research paper for them, and the scientist recorrects it, and then the assistant writes again for them(Process of agile in writing research papers). I don't have an assistant because I don't trust anyone when it comes to my inventions.


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