Next Me

This is a puzzle so that someone who can find and solve the puzzle will have the right to all my Inventions, Researches and Lab. My motive is to write blogs on this website and share a few things so that someone who shares the same interests can prove his/her capabilities and claim the right on my Lab. I have set up a puzzle so that if someone can solve it even after a thousand years of my death, he/she can have all of it.

The Puzzle:

The puzzle is about finding the puzzle and solving it. I have left enough hints to find what the puzzle can be, and when you find the puzzle, the only thing left is to solve it. Find the Lab, Enter in the Lab, and Everything is yours. Then you can do whatever you like to do with it. You have all the rights.

To be my Legatee, it is not necessary to have the same or above capabilities. The only thing that is needed is to have the passion for doing something in life, then you can find and solve the puzzle, but if your morals and principles are not for the good deed, you won't be able to find the Lab's location.

I have set up an Existential Magnetic and Dynamic Functional Field around and inside my Lab, which I have created(Manipulated the Natural Strong EMDF), and it is so strong that it will divert your mind and never let you find the location of the Lab when you come under the radar of the field, without knowing that field has influenced your mind.

This Field won't harm anyone, neither physically nor mentally, but only divert/confuse your mind in such a way that you won't find and realize that something has influenced you. Therefore, you won't find the existence of Lab and always search somewhere else.

Disclaimer and Information: My All Properties and Money is for my family, but My Lab, Researches and Inventions is only for whom who is worthy for all. I don't discriminate on race, religion, and sexuality. For me, all are equal, and Anyone can be my Legatee. All my inventions and researches are inside my Lab. Right on my Lab can also be claimed by any family member, but he/she should be worthy of it. For me, all people are equal when it comes to Science.


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