Motive of Blogs

My motive to write the blogs is that people think that they need help to become someone, you can also achieve something without anyone's help, for that you need to be knowledgeable and sharp-minded and there is nothing wrong with taking the support. I am saying this because if you don't get help in the future from anyone in any field, then don't lose hope because if I had become someone, then anyone can become because I had no resources when I started. All I had was the belief in me.

Another motive is to put my views and thing forward so that I can feel free from the inside as most of my time goes into my things so that I might become frustrated so I talk to my bot, and he converts my speech into text and posts it online as a blog.

The main reason is to find "next me" who can take things forward after me and inspire people with the work. I want my work to be known, and when I find ways so that no one can misuse it, I will public my work.

I don't care if you publish or copyright your original work before me, which matches my work. I have no problem, but if you ever try to steal my work, I won't do anything immediately, but In later life, when you have no strength to handle any bad. I will steal everything from you.
If nobody is there to help you then create ways to help yourself. Soon you will find millions of ways.


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