Final Goal

I started my journey with one dream to discover how to see past events and go in the past. I have discovered the 4th Dimension and set up multiple programs at multiple Servers to calculate and collect the data required in further processes. At least, I need 17 to 18 years to invent the device with proper functionalities to watch the past events and will need additional 18 years to find ways to go in the past.

Means If Everything goes right, which has gone right till now, then I need at least 36 years, and by the time, I will be 62 years old. The only thing left with me is curiosity about what happened in the past and interest to know the truth, and I will happily retire from my job and try to live everyday life.

I was never interested in the Future and seeing the future. If people know what is going to happen in the future, then people will stop working hard.

Besides these two main things, I will also continue with other things that help me achieve the targets. I have not taken an interest in Biology because I cannot remember so many technical names. But I know very much which a regular Doctor won't know. I don't know if I want to live more or not at the age of 62. If I want to live more, I will definitely clone myself because I have searched all the ways to live with the same body, but the truth is that the body has a life and will decay soon or after. I need at most 13 years in cloning with full functionalities and 100 percent exact performance like a human. I have calculated all, long ago. But the question always arises that Do I really want that? Nobody wants to live a long life after a certain point. All want to live a happy and great life. That's what I am already living.

I don't know whether I will make public any of my research because I don't trust our political leaders who are hollow and corrupt. These leaders are actually real terrorists and great businessmen who sell their motherland for money.

I am still finding ways such that if I public my things, nobody can ever misuse them.

I can't say with surety whether I will retire or not but
The Mind of a Scientist is always at work.
After my successful discoveries, I will be able to know everything, any murder mystery, any truth or any lie, any secret of any product or a person, but I don't have an interest in these things. I don't want to steal anything from anyone. I always want to learn new things and want to gain knowledge that interests me. That's why I want to go in the past and learn all those things which either missing or properly not available.

I want to go in these specific time periods and all for different reasons.

Before diving into it, let me clarify one thing which people misunderstand that Indian Ancient Science is million years old, which is correct, but Ramayan and Mahabharat were only 7000 and 5000 years old, respectively. We can not digest this truth because much of our ancient text is wrongly interpreted. Most of the stories are exaggerated by people and published with confidence, which all were wrong. If you have the original text, you can check what I am saying is correct. The scripts which I go through have a carbon count of 27000 to 3000 years old.


The list I want to visit, see or learn-

6000-4000 BC
-Want to watch Lord Ram birth - 12:37:11, January 10, 5114 BC
-Want to gain all knowledge which Lord Ram had from 5106-5076 BC
-Want to find the location of Lord Hanuman, 4782 BC

4000-3000 BC
-How Eklavya gain knowledge - 3194-3189 BC
-Training of Karan by Parshurama the third - May 14, 3185 BC
-How was Sanjay able to watch the War directly, Mahabharat Kurukshetra War, April 4, 3139 BC

1000 BC - 0 AD
-Want to know the source from which Valmiki narrated the Ramayan because it is pretty different from Hanuman Ji's Ramayan on Banana leaves - 371 BC

1000-2000 AD
-Learn how to differentiate between the chanting positive energies of a word in the mantra, Tulsi Das, want to watch and learn from his period of gaining knowledge - Nov, 1542-Jan, 1557, also want to learn how he can make someone alive if he died a few hours ago - Nov 28, 1599.


Keywords: 9LU 137786, 9LU137786