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If anyone is doing something ahead of time, new for the world, or wants to start something new, you may contact me. I will help you with whatever problem you are facing- theoretically, financially or even in need of any equipment or software. In Exchange for help, I want nothing, and all rights will be your on your Invention.

Never send any Data or Research material with your problem/message; only send your message. Security on emails is a myth, even I can create the same email id as anyone and send emails from the same email id to anyone, and the same can happen with my email. Anyone can also read anyone's email. Never send something which others can steal.

I will only reply when my bot finds you are genuine and every detail is correct.

I am also available for any questions. It may sound silly but ask. I will answer as soon as I see it. Any request for data or equipment will not be entertained if you are not a good person. So don't waste your time.

If you have any problem with language, write to me in whatever language you are comfortable with.

I always help those who are ready to help themselves and not a threat to society.

I don't believe in a catchy subject; I read the whole email, So feel free to express yourself.
Either contact me through Google Forms or directly Send an Email.
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