Man can go from Earth to Mars in an Hour - 9LU 137786

I have discovered the 4th Dimension while doing Experiments for 4th Dimensional Distance Travel. 4th Dimensional Distance Travel is the technology in which a person/object can go from one place to another in the same Existential Magnetic Field, which means I can go from India to any place around the world within in a second under Earth's Ozone layer because under ozone layer Earth's Existential Magnetic Field is constant. Earth's Existential Magnetic Field is different from our Solar System's Existential Magnetic Field(outer space). That's why I can't go from India to the Moon in a second.

I have called the technology of going from space/land to space/land as 4th Dimensional Space/Distance Travel.
If we start with whatever technologies which we humans have which are publicly available, then If we go to space in a rocket, then it will take almost 30 minutes to reach and to become stable in the outer space of Earth or, to be more specific I can say that to become stable in Earth's Potential Magnetic Field Region, here stable means there should not be any Potential pull by Earth while Entering the gates then after becoming stable then all we need is position values to open the gates at both ends, and this is all automated and hardly take a second and while Exiting the gates all we have to remember about the pull that planet will going to have on us and become stable at most this may take 30 minutes. Overall, I can say with results that it will take at max 1 hour to reach any planet within a solar system. The minimum time that it will take to reach with existing technologies is 24 minutes or more. All the times that I have mentioned will not harm our spacecraft and humans life.
4th Dimensional Distance/Space Travel takes less than 1 second within Earth, but it takes an hour to reach any Planet from Earth. It is all because of magnitude range restriction means travel is only possible in the same range of magnitude of Existential Magnetic Field that's why it takes only less than 1 second to reach anywhere within Earth but to cross the Ozone layer and Earth's Potential Magnetic Field and its Region and to come in a stable state at both gates end, that much time is a waste that why an hour on the total to have stability for an aircraft. An hour only because of existing technology; otherwise, much less.


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