My Brain's & Body's Experience in 4th Dimensional Space - 9LU 137786

Before going in 4th Dimensional Space,

When I discovered the 4th Dimension on 17th October 2018, I have tried different sets for security reasons. In every set, I have used various objects. First, I have used polymers, metals, and living cells (Plants and Animals). I have not performed any tests on any animals. When All the experiments gave positive results with zero harmful effects, I have put myself to the test. I have done a complete body check-up before going inside the 4th dimension.


After coming out from 4th Dimensional Space, I did 1024 tests on myself in a day to check for any harmful effects. Every time after coming out from the gate, I have done a complete body check-up, even I am doing a full body check up on a regular basis to see if there is any impact on me, which starts showing after a specific number of experiments or a specific period of time. Sometimes negative effect on the human body shows after a specific period of that event happened, and Excessive use of something also harms the Human body. Till now, I have not seen any impact/effect on my body and brain. No Harmful or any kind of impact. I have tallied all reports with previous reports, and all reports are normal.

Although Our Brain normally performs in the 4th Dimensional Space because our Brain also emits and absorbs the Existential Magnetic Field.

At the time of writing this blog, I have done more than a million of 4th Dimensional Distance Travel and 4th Dimensional Space Travel, and all are a success.


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