Real Reason behind Saturn Ring's Destruction & High Tides - 9LU 137786

Planets, Satellites, Sun, Stars, Solar System, and Galaxies revolve around its center, a common point of cumulative energies of the Existential Magnetic Field, which is mostly the center point of that system like for our Solar System, the center point is the center of the Sun.
Change in Existential Magnetic Field outside an object will not change that object's path, but the change in activities will be seen inside that object, but no change will be seen further inside that object.
For Example, 

Change in the Existential Magnetic Field inside our galaxy will affect the activities inside our Solar System but not inside our planet recent example of this is the Saturn ring’s width decreasing, and it will decrease till 30 million years after that again start expanding.

Hide tides and Low tides are good examples of this. All know the reason, but the real reason is that Existential Magnetic Field exhibits at the time of Full Moon will change the activities of objects on the surface of Earth's Crust, but no change will be seen under Earth's Crust.


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