9LU 137786 Scientist

Every Greatest mind never wants fame and name. I neither have a great mind nor a great personality, but still, I never want fame and name. I always want to be a part of a crowd where nobody knows me with my real face and name. I always want to be lost in the crowd. Whatever I have achieved is by the grace of God, or in my case, I can say that by the grace of God of all prominent religions of this world. That's why I have chosen 9LU 137786 as my identity. By accepting this name, People will never know my real name and how I look.

As a profession, I am an Indian Scientist. You can also call me Researcher, Physicist, Mathematician, Software Developer, and Inventor. Till now, I have never worked for any organization because I don't like to work for others. I am one Man Army type of guy but don't get confused with this that working alone is a good thing. Actually, people who are working as/in a Team are always better than working alone. I am working alone because I like to work independently and want to remain unknown for the rest of my life.

I write these blogs so that my feelings do not remain inside, and also, these will help me in proving things later in life.

I started my journey in 2008, and after 2 years, I got 9LU 137786 sequenced Indian 100 Rupee Note, which has changed my life, gave me direction, and purpose to my life, and now it is my identity. Any number of times I want to thank this paper note is not enough. Because of this, I have achieved whatever I want to achieve, and It will also help me achieve my final goals.
"Even the powerful person in the room knows nothing but a powerful person in the world know everything and do not want to be noticed by others, now choose who you wanted to be."

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Keywords: Scientist, Researcher, Physicist, Mathematician, Software Developer, Inventor, Theoretical physics