Electro-Magnetic Waves in 4th Dimension

For the 4th Dimension to exist, there should be an Existential Magnetic Field at that point. Existential Magnetic Field is easily available everywhere where humans can go, and it may help you understand this concept for now. At the point to maintain an equilibrium between the 4th Dimension and our world, there is a continuous exchange of energy(but the 4th Dimension don't suck object), Mostly with the help of these energies, you can also send Electro-Magnetic Waves from one point to another point in the same magnitude of Existential Magnetic Field means you can easily send from here India to North America but remember, here I have used two gates so that I can send waves through 4th Dimension, these are the same gates that I used for 4th Dimensional Distance Travel, but their size is comparably very small to them. I control when to open the gates and when to close.

These Waves function statically in the 4th Dimension and have no structure. That's why no way to represent them in the 4th Dimension. But it may be possible that you may see different colors. Every Wave may have a different color because it carries different messages.

No Energy is lost in this process, and also, the accuracy of sent and received waves is 100 percent in all Experiments.

I have also done those cases where I put these waves for hours and days inside the 4th Dimension, but still, the result is the same(remain there in rest state without any change).


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