God of Different Religions Saved My Parent's Life - 9LU 137786

It was the time when I was thinking of moving forward in life without the most blessed paper note because I wanted to check my real abilities without an Indian 100 Rupee Note with serial number 9LU 137786, which has the blessings of God of all prominent religions of this world. 

I was about to sell the sequence for 30 Million USD. Everything was finalized, the only thing left was just signing the contract, but on the day when I was about to sign the contract, I got the news, my parents met with an accident, and I know the powers of this blessed note, I had the choice between money and parents, I choose parents, and I didn't sell it. 

My parents were fighting for their lives in the hospital, and all I have is the blessings of gods, and I have to bless them to save their lives, and when the doctor lost all hope, this paper helped me. If these blessings were not with me, then I was not able to save them.

All my success is because of this 9LU 137786, and Now it is my identity. For everyone, our close ones are everything for us, and money can't buy their life.

I can live with this that all I am because of this blessed Paper note, not because of me, but I can't live without my closed ones. If I am talking about my priorities, then My country is first, Parents at Second, Me at Third.

I am not selling it for any cost any soon.


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