Plastic Surgery in Villages of India at free of cost

Incredible India

All Greatest people never want fame, name, and money and never shared their knowledge with others that's why all our ancient science is lost but it is not true, the general public told us that all our Indian Ancient Science is lost because they don't know that great mind never want fame and name, but all our Ancient Indian Science is secure and safe and can be found in India at many places.

I will not take any name of any village and Gurus because they don't want it, and I also don't want it. We have promised each other not to reveal each other's identities to anyone.

There are 3 small villages in India where Guru does Plastic Surgery of any part of the body free of the cost of their close ones and relatives. At max, they did only 2 surgery in a year, and many of them were accidental cases. On Total, only 7 people know how to do this surgery. They have learned this from their Guru. The procedure is also mentioned in their text which is 3000 years old. I have checked its ink carbon count. They all don't have any degree, but they are more intelligent than any best scientist in this world.

I haven't found any person who is ready to do the transplantation of human organs,. It is available in Guru's text and ancient Indian text, but transplantation is strictly prohibited, and it is a humiliation of their knowledge, culture, Guru, and Gods.

I have found 11 people who can treat any severe problem of deafness and only one person who can treat any server problem of dumbness, but their body should have all the organs to produce and hear a sound. They know how to transplant, but they won't do it at any cost, not even for all the money of this world, you can't buy them. Their text is 18-19 thousand years old, and re-written is 300 years old.

In India, there are more than 1500 frauds who claim to remove infection by putting the wire in your eyes, and they put the same used wire in everyone's eye, now you may understand the height of frauds. Please be aware of those people, and it might be possible that you will end up with an infraction or damaging your eyes.

There is one and only one guy who can treat the eyesight of anyone, but he never comes out to meet anyone so easily, even I have to send him an Existential Magnetic Dynamic Functional Message which interrupts him and then he came out to meet me with a smile.

There are two Guru's who teach people how to live life blindfold, they are not blind, but they have covered their eyes for the rest of their life. They have knowledge of Color Energies. They can know everything about you without knowing you and seeing you but be aware of frauds. It might be possible some people gain a percent of knowledge and then try to fool people from that knowledge; that is also a kind of fraud. Both the Gurus did not talk with me but gave proof to others that I am genuine and people can trust me, but they did not tell me why they blindfolded themselves.

They told me there was a Guru who died in the 1920s who had the knowledge to repair bones, fill the gap between the bones, and form new bones even where bone never exists. His texts are in the library. Other pandits are trying to gain knowledge from his text but don't know all of it and don't know that much to be called as Guru by other Guru's.

Here I have talked about only those who are masters of their jack, not those who know just a little bit about their field and act out like they know everything.

Be aware of those who want fame, name, and money. Genuine never ask and never take money at any cost.


I have checked some of the Ancient Indian Scripts(plates). They were 70 thousand to thousand years old, and these are only those whom I have come across. They were original, and if I collect all scripts from three places, then the area required to place all scripts will be equal to one cricket ground. Nobody knows about this, not even the Government of India or any Organisation(almost all are fake) because they will say those are their property. Leaders or government officials have no right to sell these to foreign idiots and clever Indian Terrorists who had sold India many times.

Modern foreign scientists won't accept that Ancient Indian Science is far ahead of its time. They only come and copy and earn millions without giving credits. There are many examples, the popular one is Shampoo, but in the case of Shampoo, they have given credits after earning Millions.


I have seen that place in my dreams that's why I went there and met with few people who thought I was a tourist who wanted to stay there, they did not believe me, when I told them I wanted to meet the Guru and told them the Guru's name, They thought, I am the Imposter, later I have to tell them just wait for few minutes he will come out by himself. He came with a smile.

Then I showed a few of my inventions and discoveries to all Gurus, and they have also told me about their field because by then, they had known that I was not here to steal their work and not going to misuse it.

The Guru, who is blindfold, told other Guru's that I had come here to search for next me, and he also told them that there had never been such a person at their place who would become the next me. That Guru only talks to those who are either a Guru or going to be a Guru. After that, others also knew that I wouldn't accept their offer, but still, they asked.

They want me to stay there and teach them, but I told them that the next 35 years is very hectic for me and after that few years, I will go in living life on past and achievements, but if I ever feel about going far away from life, then I will definitely come. They have appreciated my decision and didn't force me.


After seeing my inventions and discoveries, they know that only a few similar things(not all) have been written in their scripts, but the procedure to achieve that is not written. I have achieved it all without knowing that it could even be possible. That's why I am a god for them, they want to know my teacher's name, but I don't have one. I have achieved whatever I have because of my hard work and the blessings of God.

I did not go there for their Scripts, I was there searching for next me, and I found nothing. They all said the same thing, and they had never seen anyone like me. For them, I am a god because I was their guest and also because I have achieved all by myself. The person who achieved an unachievable task without inspiration/support of text and a Teacher is a God for them, but I am not. From them, I have suddenly become "sajjan, सज्जन, gentleman" to "bhagavan, भगवन, God" but the truth is I am not even one percent in respect to them because I have not dedicated my life to one thing, but they have, they all had left their families when they were very small, they spend days and nights in chanting mantras. I haven't done that. I got lucky that I have achieved that much because god's hand is on me.

When I asked them have you ever given anyone the status of God, They said no. They also said that blind Guru's had said something about you that we are not allowed to tell you, but you have something which they have achieved after decades of hardship, and you got it easily. I asked them what that was. They didn't tell me. Maybe it is a blessing of God because they have become the Guru in search of that only.


Even though when they thought that I was an Imposter or a tourist, I never felt any kind of casteism, they never asked about my religion, and they offered me water and food even when they didn't know about me. These are the people who are pandits and workers over there. Gurus are more polite and sweet. All the people over there are pure vegetarian and even don't eat onion and garlic and don't use products by killing animals but use cow milk. They have no problem with eating food with a stranger. These people are really knowledgeable, literate, and of upward thinking. Anyone can become Guru if he is really capable, not like Guru Dronacharya, no casteism over there as seen in our society. A good example of no casteism in our Ancient text is the Shabari Ram story.


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