The multiverse does not Exist

It's been more than 11 months since I discovered the 4th Dimension, and in search of my final objectives(to watch past events and go in the past), I have also searched for all possibilities for Multiverse, but there is no such thing. Our scientist have talked about the world which is exactly like our world, and that world is 4th Dimension, in this Dimension, we can see ourself as a third person, but except this, there is nothing called like the multiverse. I am sorry to say this but, The theory of the Multiverse will remain hypothetical and wrong. There is nothing like Multiverse, Maniverse, Megaverse, Alterverse, Omniverse, Metaverse, Meta-Universe, or Multiple Universe.

I have also searched for the parallel universe, another universe, and alternate universes, but I found nothing in the 4th Dimension and even no possibilities, and I am sorry to tell you that these theories will also remain hypothetical.

It doesn't mean I haven't checked other scientist's work regarding this. I have checked all scientists' work, but their theories are somewhat true for the 4th Dimension but not for Multiverse.

I have seen many possibilities to watch the past event and go in the past, and I am working on it.

Multiple verses are not true, it is a great concept for standup comedy and film scripts, but it is not a reality. It is fascinating but not real and not possible. In the 4th Dimension, I have not seen any possibility of multiple verses at any degree of Hexagon Cylindrical Phase. There is no other world, Only one world is possible in which we are living.

I don't want to disrespect anyone's hard work but want to put truth in front of others because their direction is not correct because their work is somehow some part is true for the 4th dimension, which only I have discovered but not for the multiverse, which is incorrect, you can also say, Scientists, considering multiverse, is actually a 4th Dimension which actually exists in our real world.


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