4th dimension GPS / First Stepping stone to time travel

I made the 4th Dimension GPS(Global Positioning System) to figure out where exactly my object is so that I can open the Gate there. I just want to clear this here that this tracker has nothing to do with the opening of gates. I am using this to track the object when I don't know where exactly it is after the closing of Gate 1.

If I enter in the 4th dimension and if not able to make an exit from other/any gate(which has never happened till now), then I am able to know where exactly I am in the 4th dimension and able to automatically come out of it, if in case anything goes wrong. Till now, I have done more than a 15 thousand experiments with the tracker, and nothing goes wrong, and the connection remains intact.

This was not the only reason why I have made this tracker. If I want to hide myself in the 4th Dimension and if in case my mind got confused by something other than EMDF energies that reside in 4th Dimension*, then I could know where exactly I am and come out whenever I want.

*There are other energies, but there is no EMDF(Existential Magnetic and Dynamic Functional Message) inside the 4th Dimension, but Inside the 4th Dimensions, we can see the energies and color of Existential Magnetic Field which are present in our world, and EMDF is one of the kinds of Existential Magnetic Field.

I have also done several fail tests that I successfully succeed in, and Tracker will never fail inside the 4th Dimension. It is 100 percent energy-efficient as it is using energies available in the 4th Dimensional.

Future work-
This is now working as I want but in one frame means I know the same tracker will also work when I go in the past because I have few test results which I have collected and I have set up/established one more server to calculate further things which might take years but I have the patience.


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