Curse of God

9LU 137786 sequence is most blessed but also has a curse. The person who owns this paper note then whosoever harmed his owner, have to pay the wrong done means if anyone is tried to betray/harm you directly/indirectly then he/she will have to suffer the loss 100 times more than he had done with you and might be possible that he/she will lose someone who is close to him/her(the person who is everything to him/her).

I am cursed. Whosoever has done any kind of betrayal/cheating with me, his life is either completely ruined, or he/she has lost someone who is close to him/her.

I am not happy with this curse because I am not able to see anything wrong happening with anyone, and if it is because of me, then it is very depressing and sad. People did very bad things to me, I have seen betrayals and cheatings, and whosoever have done anything wrong directly or indirectly, now living a very bad life, but this is more disheartening when a person who has done small cheating with me also deal with very bad, My carpenter denies that I have given him money which is 50 thousand Rupees and telling others that I have not given him any money because I have no proof. I have a habit of not collecting any proof because I think everyone is good and trustworthy, and the next day, he lost his kid because of natural death. This is a curse of God. After that day, I never met the guy, and this incident will never get out of my mind. I have many other incidents, but I don't want to remember because they are harsher than above and keep haunting me.

I want to give this note, but I am all because of it, and it has saved my parent's life. I have to live with the truth that The note comes with blessings for me and bad for others who have done anything bad to me, directly or indirectly, all will suffer. The magnitude of bad depends on How much I have suffered because of him.

That's why I will never do anything bad with anyone because he is already paying before I can think of doing anything.


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