My Compound Salt can cure Many Diseases - Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Fatty-Liver, Blood-Pressure

I have discovered a compound salt that can cure many diseases and make yourself safe from many diseases if you are using this compound salt in place of regular salt. This compound salt has no side effects and negative impacts on anyone, not even animals and children.

My Compound Salt can control blood pressure, sugar level(Diabetes), cholesterol, size of red blood cells, thyroid, fatty liver, impurities in blood and many more.

*NaCl is also a compound, but still, I refer NaCl as regular and normal salt and mine as Compound Salt for the article.

I have discovered this compound salt while searching for a substance that can be coated around the chip so that when a chip goes inside any part of the body, it will not have any harmful effect and can be easily acceptable by the body without pointing its existence( metal on-chip don't touch my skin), Also able to insert chip between layers of skin(above muscles). Please don't get confused. It is not the same compound that is coated on the chip, and it is completely different from that. While experimenting, I came through one of the compounds which have properties same as Salt - effective as a preservative because it reduces the water activity of foods.

Why is it so useful and life-changing? Because as normal salt can hold fat and water inside the body, My compound salt does not hold fat and water inside the human body means it can throw the body's waste(unwanted fat and material) through urine and help to have a stable and healthy body.

I made this Compound Salt around five years ago. I have done more than 10 million experiments and more than 20 thousand separate test results before using this compound salt in my daily life.

Fat depends on calories. More the intake more will be the increased fat. It will not reduce your fat but help you not to gain too much fat. If you are eating too much means more than your required intake calories, then it will also not help you to some extent.

Please don't get confused in that it will reduce your fat. It will reduce to some extent. It is beneficial for all. Bodybuilding professionals who don't eat salt can take this compound salt because it does not hold fat in your body, and it will keep you in shape if you are working hard and your food also becomes tasty.

My mother consuming this from the past one year, and in a few months, her sugar level is in control 140 to 96(fasting), her thyroid 5.3 to 2.4, her fatty liver third stage to the first stage, and this is all without consuming any medicines, not even thyroid capsules which normally people take.

Sugar level(Diabetes)
If you have not started taking insulin injections, then this compound salt can cure your diseases. It will help you even after insulin injection, but after the injection, your body stops taking natural help. Once this salt cure you, then it's up to you to continue the intake or not.

Fatty liver
If you are at the 4th stage of Fatty liver and you are at the stage of operation, and your liver stops responding, in that situation, this will not help, but up to the third stage, it can cure your fatty liver and remove all unwanted fat.

Even if you are consuming any amount of mg medicine to control your thyroid, it can still cure your thyroid and make it in control because not only it just controls the thyroid but also controls and makes your glands healthy which was the reason behind your uncontrol thyroid.

Blood Pressure
Even If you are taking too much stress and have the problem of high or low blood pressure, then this will normalise your blood pressure and make your body calm and will not change your pressure in high amount even if your brain tries to do so means always keep normalises even if you have the stress of all world.

Heart Problems
Even if your arteries or veins walls are blocked or start blocking blood, still it will help as it purifies (remove impurities) in blood and all waste come out as mixed in the urine.

This salt is not like other medicines. You have to take it to remain fit, or it will only work until you use it. First of all, this is not a medicine, this is like a normal salt, taste like the normal salt and have all properties like salt that's why I am saying it as a compound salt.

If you have become healthy by using this salt, then it's up to you to use other salts because this salt has a property that the human body does not get a habit or used to with it. After getting away from all your diseases, you have to eat healthy to remain healthy if you are thinking of leaving this compound salt. Because if you become fit by using this salt, then it is impossible that you will get the diseases back at any cost until you stop using it.

This compound salt is like normal salt, and you can use it daily like you are using normal salt in food.

People of every age and shape have used this compound salt, and all have positive results. It has no negative impact on the human body and no side effects, and it is easily water-soluble, and there is no concept of overdoes like normal salt. Even if someone eats it in a high amount, then also his/her blood pressure remains intact, and all come out through urine.

This compound does not have sodium; therefore, it does not fulfil your sodium requirement, but the requirement of sodium can easily be fulfilled from other food which we normally eat in our daily lives.

Costing of this salt, types of equipment cost me around 50 thousand Indian rupees to make compound salt(this includes all types of equipment) and cost to produce compound salt if I have all equipment then it will cost around only 4 Indian Rupee per Kg, which is 2.5 times less than normal salt available in the Indian market. If I think for a large sale to sell that even after including all expenses of land, machines, material, salaries, packaging, transport, damage cost, means everything then also it only cost around 3.7 Indian rupees.

This compound salt is for everyone, even for children. If I sell this salt in the market, then this will be a profitable venture because it helps people, but should I take the burden to help people, I am not here for fame and money. I have other important aims to achieve which are bigger than that, also Right now, I have responsibilities towards my family. When I am able to achieve all, I will make public the salt. I will never sell the formula of this salt even for all the money in this world. If I ever sell the Compound Salt in the market, then I will sell it with zero profit.

Even if you are fat can remain fat without having any diseases and can remain fat while curing your diseases by using compound salt in your food.

Future work-
I am still working if somehow I am able to cure fibromyalgia, cancer, and AIDS.


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