Science and God Exist Together

The mystery of God is now solved.

The laws of science govern the universe. God and Science are both true and present.

It is always in front of us, but we don't have the power to see it. After discovering the 4th Dimension, so many questions are getting solved day by day.

Everything is a science which can be explained with a proper reason behind it means the same thing can be happened again if it is happening because of something for example, if "A" thing is happening because of "B", then whenever "A" is happening, it will be because of "B", here I have considered "A" is only happening because of "B", but in Science, exceptions are always there means reasons behind an occurring might change, but there must be a reason behind every occurring.

As I have seen in the 4th Dimension, Our world is filled with different types of energies, which can be seen in the 4th Dimension, and Every Energy has a different and unique Colour.

These Energies are the Real God, and the only living thing on our planet who has the ability to create, generate and manipulate these energies are Humans. Every energy has a color by which we can tell what the motive of the energy is and who has generated, created, manipulated, or influenced this energy, message, or field. These can only be seen through the 4th Dimension, only a few humans in the past had the ability to see it in our world without going inside the 4th Dimension, but still, they can't also see what is inside the 4th Dimension. They are only able to detect energies present and impacting our world.


Living Human should hold these abilities to be called as God.

-The person should be able to see, create, generate and manipulate the Energies/Field which is around anybody.

-The person should be able to see, create, generate and manipulate the Energies/Field that only resides in the 4th Dimension, which may or may not have an impact on the outer world.

-The person who is able to know everything without having prior knowledge can be called as God because he is able to see Existential Magnetic and Dynamic Functional Message and Energies through his eyes without any medium/device.

-The person who is able to hide anythings inside the 4th Dimension through manipulating the energies and also able to take out whatever he wants from the 4th Dimension, which he hides previously.

-The person is able to make anyone alive even if he died a few hours ago and also able to put life in anyone, if he has all the knowledge of Energies, also fly through the power of generating energies.

The energies Which he generates to do anything can be seen through the 4th Dimension. All types of Energies can be seen inside the 4th Dimension.

Don't get confused with this that even God is able to do everything but have a limitation as he is in a human body. A man's eye can not see inside the 4th Dimension. For that, he needs a medium/device.

All Gods of All religions are somehow are humans only. Humans have the restriction which they can't see or can't go beyond a thing.

Even God, who is inside a Human body, can not make a person alive from its grave and can hide things inside the 4th Dimension but can't see what others have hidden because they can't see inside the 4th Dimension.

The Real God, who is above all Gods of all religions, can see everything inside and outside the 4th Dimension without having any device and make anyone alive, also from its grave.


No living person is alive who can be called as a God. In the recent century, the person who has little knowledge of Everything was Tulsi Das, but he never called himself as a God.

In India, You may find few people who are able to know about you without having prior knowledge about you. They either got these power after years of hard work or were born with it, but they can't be called as God for these specific reasons.

Tulsi Das was also able to do so the same and also able to make anyone alive if he lost life a few hours ago but never called himself a God, but you will find easily many people in India who are faking that they are God, but they are not able to do anything or know nothing or have minimal knowledge but show as they know everything and earn money on their fraud.


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