Can Existential Magnetic and Dynamic Functional Message (EMDF) be created artificially or manually?

Only a brilliant mind who has gained the knowledge to produce, program, and manipulate EMDF according to his/her requirements, can do it. Only that person has the ability also to control EMDF.

Only Humans can gain this knowledge but not every human. No artificial device can be created which can produce even a small magnitude of EMDF, I have done millions of experiments with the artificial brain, dead brain, and living brain and none of them have the ability to generated EMDF. It can only be generated naturally without knowing by a person that he is generating and of that magnitude. I have searched and examined all possible aspects of EMDF to produce in biology, and It is not possible artificially.

I can create EMDF and want to learn more that's why I want to go in the past to learn more and take it to an extreme level. To check the magnitude of which I have created, I have to check again and again in the 4th Dimension, which takes lots of time. I want to learn by that I can see by myself.

The last person who can do more than me is Tulsi Das. He has the ability to do many things. Even he has the ability to make someone alive if he/she was dead a few hours ago, he did it on his friend, but no human being can bring a person back from the grave. Tulsi Das is not a God. Even God/Evil in a Human body can't bring back anyone from its grave. Right now, no god is alive in a human body. All are fake.

EMDF can produce by any human being at the time of death or sleeping, among them, EMDF produce while sleeping is of small magnitude and have no motive while EMDF produces at the time of death can be of high magnitude, and it can also kill someone. Bad Soul is one kind of EMDF only.

All EMDF is not bad. If a pandit or priest is giving you some remedy, it means that thing only manipulates for a while until that find another target but never destroy or nullify its effect.


Important: Existential Magnetic and Dynamic Functional Message, EMDF


Value: 9LU 137786, 9LU137786