The cheapest Modes of transport in the Future to save Time will cost only 1 USD

After discovering the 4th Dimensional Distance Travel, I can go and able to send any object from one place to another through Gates in a second, distance does not matter until unless Existential Magnetic Field remains constant, For Earth, under ozone layer, and above sea level, Earth's Existential Magnetic Field remains constant even at equator and poles, under the mentioned region I can send anyone from one place to another.

This has no impact on anybody. This is entirely safe.

This is one new kind of transport through the 4th Dimension, which saves time and money both and everyone can easily access it.

The only cost to build one gate of size 2X1 meter is 100 USD with full functionality, and Two Gates are required to go from one place to another means on a total of 200 USD, which is a one-time investment. Even these gates are 100 percent energy-efficient, no need to supply any energy to open gates means no need for electricity to open and close the gates, only energy in the form of electricity is needed to give the command to open and close the gates, which cost around one unit per hour which is approx 10 cents per hour, Gates need no energy to open and close.


1st- Airplane

If A person wants to go from one place to another, then the average cost of a flight is around 100 USD, and the travel time is approximately 4 hours.

I will charge only 1 USD for this mode of transport. Transportation through the 4th Dimension will be 100 times cheaper, and travel time is negligible.

The average number of people who took a flight to go from a specific place to another specific place in a day is around 10 thousand.

This means can easily earn 10,000 USD if we limit the luggage to 15 kgs per person.

All costs needed for tickets, barcode, security checks, luggage transport, and many others at one transport location with one gate only will be at max around 5,000 USD in a day, this will become cheaper if we have a minimum of 10 gates and on one airport from where you can go to any airport of the world in one second.

Means 5,000 USD profit on the table in a day, excluding the cost of gates and electricity. This profit increases rapidly if destinations are increased.

In India, at least 2,00,000 people travel by flight in a day, and if I deduct all costs, then 150,000 USD profit in a day.

If I consider all travels in the world, I can earn up to 2 million USD in a day.

When people know that they are saving time and money, they will not stay in hotels and want to return home. Increasing the number and total profit in a day will be around 10 Million USD through 4th Dimensional Distance Travel.

Suppose a person is going on any trip. In that case, you can divide the trip into three parts Travel, Food-Shopping, Hotels, if they are using 4th Dimension mode of transport then cost of travel and stay at the hotel may be negligible and only cost left is travel in city, hotels or lounges, and shopping-food, Means through 4th Dimensional mode of transport people on average save one-third of their trip.

If I calculate yearly, I will earn around 3 billion dollars USD. I have removed all the money I have to give to corrupt leaders to pass laws in their country in my favor.

This is just one case where people using it instead of flight/airplane, here till now I have not included people who use the train as a transport.


2nd- Train

Since 1 USD is minimal, which is cheaper than any train ticket, it saves time. If people start using the 4th Dimensional mode of transport instead of the train, then the Money I will earn will increase at least 20 Billion dollars yearly.


3rd- Cargo

On average, all Industries of all countries spend almost 20 billion USD yearly on transport, and If they use the 4th Dimensional mode of transport, I can transport their goods and product in one-tenth of their cost. The only cost that remains will be the transportation costs between the warehouse and the airport.


4th- Shipment

Goods and products and dumping materials can easily transport.


5th- Courier services

Courier services within 6 hours, Means you can order anything from anywhere, and it will reach you in 6 hours.


6th- Lift

If you are living or want to go on the 100th floor and you don't want to waste your time, then use the 4th Dimension mode of transport, there won't be a charge of 1 USD for each instead, pay 1 USD/gate for a day and in a day any number of people use it any number of time. Means If your building has 100 floors and you use 104 gates, including parking, basement, and others, pay 104 USD per day. I won't charge this money from a single person; this cost is for the entire building for a day. Use Gates instead of the lift.

I have other things in my mind, and If I calculate earnings from all things, it will be a minimum of 100 Billion Dollars yearly. This amount includes all and any cost coming in my way.

I know I have to pay taxes on this amount, but instead of taxes, I am ready to pay 90 percent to the Country from whom I am earning if that Country is ready to give the Right to have free Education. If I am earning 10 Billion from a Country, then I am ready to give 9 Billion to that country. If they are ready to give free education to the Children of their country, otherwise I will not give the facility of 4th Dimension travel to that country. The Rest 1 Billion I will spend on the education and health sector for Children in India. I don't want any money, and Money can't buy me. I don't perform those smart/cheap tricks to save taxes like showing fake salaries, investment and savings, and others. I know all the things, but this does not mean you can take advantage of me, think, the person who handles all the stuff single-handedly, you can even think to trick him, if he by change do something with you then your life will be ruined.


This process is entirely secure, risk-free, and not harmful to anybody. Even if someone wants to go from place A to B, then It is impossible that it will go to place C by mistake. Nobody can hack my system or change anything, and all the computers run on my language, which I created, named i-not. This system is smarter than anyone living on this planet. Even if someone tries to do anything, he will be caught. Nobody will be able to steal the gates, Even try to touch them, then I will know who is doing what.

Nobody can take illegal weapons through Gates. I can easily check on that. Also, I can check the person's real identity. He/She can't trick Gates. If he/she is a criminal, then he/she can be easily caught.

I have spent 14 years of my life with 2 hours of sleep in the day to achieve this. Do you even think I will sell my research to anyone or even take any investment from anyone?

I am ready with all Equipment. The only process of mass production, recruitments, and permissions are left. I will make the project on the floor once I achieve my final dreams.


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