Choti Diwali with Ramayan on Banana leaves written by Hanuman Ji

My first visit to the village before getting an invitation:

I feel blessed that I went on the search for Gurus in villages to find few answers. All these Gurus are very knowledgeable. They all are the most knowledgeable who have knowledge of all ancient texts and can perform many practical things. They are not magician or person who tricks people, they all are living a simple life. They don't want popularity, and their knowledge is not for sale at any cost. They all treated me like a normal person, and they haven't told me anything about their knowledge when I first meet a few of them. If someone reaches their location, then he/she will find that few yogis and Gurus who are living a simple life and nobody can even think that they have almost all ancient scientific Hindu text, all 10000 BC old. They are not racist, all people are welcome for food and shelter, but you won't be able to find what exactly they do. They even won't share. The place looks tiny, but actually, they have a vast area.

When I told them why I had come here, and I know what they do and are capable of doing things then they took me to meet two gurus who can know everything about me as they are blindfold for their rest of the life, they see the information through colors and able to know whether I am telling the truth or not. Other Gurus did not tell him about me and what I have told them before meeting him, but he knows what I have told other Gurus and then by himself tell other Gurus what I have achieved. Then they ask me to show few things if possible, and then I showed them. He told other Gurus that what I have achieved is not from the text, it is all because of my hard work, and I have done everything from zero. For all the Gurus, I have become their God because all their knowledge is based on text-only, and whatever I have achieved is also written in their text, but the procedure is not available, and I have achieved all the things without knowing that it can be possible.

They ask me to go to another room to have food. After a few minutes, they all gather in the same room and want to wash my feet. I just joined my hand and told them if they do this, I will go and never come again, treat me like a normal person. I don't want to disrespect them. They understand and respect my decision. They all are almost twice and thrice my age, and I also don't support the concept of someone washing someone's feet even if he is elder or young. All people should be considered and treated equally important, no matter what he is doing or have achieved anything or not.

Noone who is living in a Human body is not a God until he is able to give life/bring back a person from its grave, which is not possible by any human.

I just asked them to show what each guru is capable of doing things. I went to each room and even seen their library, I have checked the color count and another technique which is publically available is carbon count, to know the exact age of these texts at what time they have written it. I am not interested in any of the texts because I like to work from zero without knowing it is possible or not. These people are very nice, and I am happy with their hospitality. These people are of upward thinking.

I went to all three places, which means I have visited all three villages.


After Few months, I got an Invitation:

One of the Gurus travel thousands of kilometers to invite me while my parents even don't know who really he is and treated him like a normal sadhu, but I have recognized him after giving him food, he talked to me and invited me to come at there place to do Diwali Pooja with them. I told them I wouldn't be able to come on Diwali, but I will come on Choti Diwali to do Pooja with them.

I went there and found that all the Gurus of the other two villages came to do Diwali Pooja.

I have given them few plants of Sanjeevani Booti, and after seeing them, they were pleased. They know that the plant is real just by seeing it as the plant exactly looks like the same description written in Ramayan on banana leaves by Hanumanji. Then they took me to show Ramayan written on banana leaves which is written by Hanuman Ji. Before that, I even don't know these leaves even exist. I have checked the Ramayan written on leaves is almost 6700 years old. There everybody knows every line of Ramayan on the banana leaves by heart.

They will worship the Ramayan on the banana leaves to worship Hanuman Ji on Diwali's Morning.

Different People, even Gurus, are chanting different mantras from weeks to do the Diwali Pooja. The vibe I have got is great, and you will always get positive energy, and even if you have come with negative energy, all will vanish as you enter their place.

In the morning, they worship the cow, and these cows are not of standard size and shape. They are very healthy. Milk is pure.

I also joined them in chanting mantras. Actually, I should do 1008, but I have chanted 21*108 of a single mantra, which took me almost 2 hours 50 minutes. These Gurus don't use watch but know the time by seeing two circles, and one is for day other is for the night. They have knowledge of coordinates and angles very well, and everyone is par excellent in mathematical calculations.

Their food was amazing. They cook their food, use natural sugar in their sweets, and have all the knowledge on how to grow vegetables and plants to have a good taste. If they share the knowledge with everyday people, then the Agriculture Industry will boom, but they won't share any knowledge, which is a good thing.

They have a basic text, which was written in 1000 BC, which has a basic knowledge of many things, the motive to create this text so that every guru has a basic knowledge of everything. Here it is not like that you need a specific percentage to pass, here everybody needs to know every basic knowledge to become one, and after achieving anything, they will title him as Guru.

They have birds of many kinds. Many of them are so beautiful and rare. Worshiping them and feeding them is the happiness of another level.

While leaving that place, I told them I wouldn't come again and please don't come or send anyone to contact me. I told them that it's not their fault in this decision. I know, telling this to them is wrong and rude. I also apologize to all of them for making such a decision. I am happy and highly obliged, feeling great that they have given me this opportunity, but I don't particularly appreciate when people treat me above someone, and also, I have privacy issues.

My experience is one of the happiest, which I never forget.


Important: Choti Diwali, Ramayan, Banana leaves, Hanuman Ji


Value: 9LU 137786, 9LU137786