Effect on Human Body due to Sudden Change in climate( 4th Dimensional Distance Travel)

After Discovering 4th Dimensional Distance Travel, I have visited around 10 thousand different places worldwide. The temperature at those places varies from -40 to 45-degree Celsius. The Lowest is -40, and the highest be 45.

Suppose If I am spending 2 hours in a particular area. In that case, my body(Human Body) will get comfortable with the temperature, and required Clothes are necessary if it is cold or hot or moderate.

Here time entirely depends on temperature. If a Human has spent 2 hours at a place which has 45 temperature and if that person is directly going from that place to a place which has -40, then Human Body can easily bear the cold for 15 Minutes if Human Body is not in direct contact with Coldness mean inside cold water and cold wind. If it comes in direct contact, then within few seconds Human Body will start burning, blood and cells will start freezing.

If a Human has spent 2 hours at a place with -40 and if that person is directly going from that cold place to a hot place with 45, then the Human Body is only capable of bearing Hotness for 5 Minutes. Sweat will start releasing from Human Body in high quantity. Due to a decrease in required water in the Human body, he/she will definitely faint. This is a general situation where he/she has removed warm clothes and wearing regular clothes.

Before travelling, I already knew this phenomenon, so I took many precautions, but my body is still not used to these situations. Hence, I easily get fever and cold. Now I have solutions so that no one will have a fever or cold, and my body also got used to it.


Important: 4th Dimensional Distance Travel, Fever, Cold


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