Solved the mystery of the disappearance of Santiago Flight 513 and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Lightning sometimes has the ability to open the gates for the 4th Dimension, but these gates won't last for a microsecond. If lightning is able to open the gates of the 4th Dimension at 180 degrees. In that case, the Gates of Infinite-Falling will open. In Infinite-Falling, an object will remain at the same place inside the 4th Dimension at whatever speed it enters and feels like it is falling continuously. It will fall for the rest of infinite time until someone saves them. Still, these gates only open for microseconds, so impossible for someone to go inside, but yes, someone who knows how to open the gates for a longer time can send anyone in Infinite-Falling.

If lightning opens the gates of the 4th Dimension at exactly 360 degrees, then the Gates of Black-Box will open and in this Everything is Black, the object which is entering feels as it has entered in between Black cloud. But, actually, it is a Black space in which a person cannot see another person, not even himself. Everything just Blackout. These Gates can remain open for days even when the climate is clear, and the size of the gate may vary from approx 40 m radius to 0.9783 mm radius. This minimum size depends on the Existential Magnetic Field of Earth.

Even if Gates has got something, it remains open until they give back the energy required to open it because it works on 100 percent energy-efficient phenomena.

No device will be able to detect the gates of Black-Box. If you are able to detect lines of Existential Magnetic Field, then only you will be able to detect the Gates of Black-Box, which I can detect easily. I want to clarify that Black-Box or others do not have the property to suck things around them because these are not energy sources. If you send pulses to detect, then Black-Box will absorb it at the normal speed at which it is coming. It will not reflect it back. Before entering the Black-Box, an object might start feeling turbulence from a few Km away, and while entering, they will definitely feel turbulence if they are entering with speed.

Black-Box is an infinite space for an object from all the sides, and after some time (at max few hours), the object stops moving and hang there in space, and all the collected EMDF of an object resides with the object and remain there for an infinite time until someone opens the gates at that position where it is right now hanging. Sometimes you are still able to find the object through radar till he is moving in Black-Box(all his energy changes into EMDF), or Black-Box gates are open. After that, you will lose the connection.

On average, lightning opens one Gate in a Million.

I can easily map the locations of Black-Box with the real world and tell which thing is where at what location. Black-Box is filled with many stuff. If all things come out from Black-Box and are put inside the ocean, there will be no land to live for people, and we all have to move towards the mountains.

I have seen ships, planes, birds, animals, and the skeleton of species that we all have lost a long ago. All are just lying there.


Let me first talk about the Disappearance of Santiago Flight 513

On September 4, 1954, Santiago Airlines Flight 513 was departed from Aachen, Germany, destined for Porto Alegre, Brazil. The flight was already covered 17 hours distance. The sun was about to set when the Airplane enters in Black-Box and Pilots just thought for keep going so that all the black clouds will go away, but that was not black cloud, they were already inside Black-Box, After half an hour their plane slow down, and their brain starts producing EMDF, whose primary motive was safe landing as they both pilots have already done the same route, they know how to land and where to land.

On morning 4:23, October 12th, 1989, a lightning strike in space and open the gates of Black-Box. If I locate space through ground-level coordinates, then strike location is -29.842080, -51.036539. By chance, this is the exact position of Santiago Flight 513 in Black-Box. That's why due to EMDF, they were able to land at 6:01, but no one notices the landing, and after few hours, someone tells the officials about the same. If you want, you can check all the details with officials of the separate organization.

It took 35 years instead of 18 hours, as planes get turbulence meters before that's why everyone buckled their seat belts.


Now talking about another incident, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was flying from Kuala Lumpur Airport to Beijing Airport. I don't want to talk about this in detail. Everyone knows about this, and authorities have already provided enough information.

Before entering the Black-Box, they had turbulence, and the sky was clear. That's why nobody is able to understand what is happening with the plane. As they enter in Black-Box, Captain divert the aircraft towards the left in the thought of that they are in a black cloud and again divert after few minutes in the hope they will come out of it and praying to god please make them out of this, you will know all about this just check if you have the copy of CVR. We should appreciate the brave efforts of the pilots(captain and First-Officer) who are fighting hours so that they could come out from the Black-cloud(what they thought they are in) and praying to God. They have EMDF, whose motive is to make out of it. After that, they will just directly crash into Ocean.

I have checked, all people are now dead, the process of decaying of living in Black-Box is different, now they all are at the stage where their skin has touched their bones, but they are still easily recognizable, who is who.


EMDF, after coming out from Black-Box, is so powerful that if you don't know the motive of it, then you will not be able to stop it if it is going to harm someone. I have seen many skeletons after the completion of their motive. They start speaking, laughing and even try to kill. Some of their motives are just to come out from where they were at then.

This is one of the kinds of strongest Black magic which usually people try to achieve and the only person who was able to achieve is Ravana and that why nobody is able to defeat him, about this, I have found in the ancient text which is 22 thousand years old where the writer has written that he doesn't know the procedure but know that it can be possible. I want to go in the past to learn this technique on how to send someone without any equipment, which only Ravana knows. I can go to Black-Box and even send anything and bring anything from it, but I use my equipment. I want to learn all those techniques which can be used without equipment.


I can provide the body of people who are in Black-Box to the relatives if they tell me what's their real motive behind getting the body, is it love or the insurance money, nothing is free I have spent more than 14 years with only 2 hours of sleep in a day. You can give money after 24 hours of delivery, it only takes at most 3 seconds to deliver at your place when I confirm your order, first make sure with DNA test that he/she is your relative then give the money, the money I will get from you I will donate to some organization, I don't want to keep that money, I will give the body at free of cost if I find you a genuine.


Important: Disappear, Santiago Flight 513, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Skeleton


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