Treatment of memory loss within 24 hours

What we see through the 4th dimension is actually what is present in our world, but we can't see it through our eyes. The brain produces Existential Magnetic and Dynamic Functional Message(EMDF), and a normal brain can only produce it in small magnitude without knowing that it is producing. It is always either stored in the brain or left with things which helped them to create. Brain's EMDF is very small in magnitude, and the main motive is to recall and make the creator feel the same, the way the creator feels when he creates it.

Memory loss can be cured within 24 hours(in a day). Just search for EMDF created by the patient which can be easily found in his/her things(any object), it can be any object, house, pet, can be anything or the place which he/she used to visit, it is not like that he/she will start to remember everything if you put him/her in front of those things which he/she used to like spending time with. It would help if you searched for EMDF created by him/her, which you can only find through the 4th Dimension.

It also depends on the medical condition of the subject, even after contact of only one small EMDF, they start remembering things and at most, they need 180 EMDF, which can be easily available if you know the subject/patient very well or you know the person who knows the subject very well.

If a subject tries to remember things, then he/she try to put stress on the brain and in many cases, they won't be able to handle the stress, and their medical condition becomes more complex(sometimes even faint). But if the subject comes under their own EMDF, which is either left at different places or on the object, they will not feel any stress and start remembering things without realizing that something is influencing him/her. You may directly know by talking with that person what he/she is feeling right now and knowing the progress. Even after the complete process, good sleep will help the subject recover and feel like nothing has ever happened. While sleeping brain will collect all the stored and influenced EMDF and start evaluating and collecting memories and make them stored forever so that when the person wakes up, he/she will be able to remember everything important to the subject at that point. Even if the subject tries to remember more things after getting back his/her memories, he/she will not feel stress and recover naturally.

The patient's EMDF can help him in recovering from any kind of memory loss even if a few portions of the brain have been damaged.

Situations that will create a high magnitude of EMDF will not affect others but only recall the creator about the incident like when the subject got betrayal, heartbreak, accidents, last wish, happiest, moments never forget, little moments with himself/herself.

I mostly prefer to search for beautiful EMDF, which will make the patient happy, and treatment will go smoothly.

I have helped 14 people by this method. Now they are happy and know everything before and after memory loss. I did this for free. I never charge for anything. Their family members have signed a contract to not tell about anything. They have promised to never tell about me to anyone, never contact me again. I have not helped them to see the success of this process. I already knew it would be a success. I have spent a lot of time in deep research for the properties of the brain in contact with other fields. I did those treatments because their whole family is financially dependent on that person. If I didn't help them, then they will be in big crisis financially and mentally. The patient who emotionally moved me the most is a mother who is the only person to care for her 14-day old girl child.

Any EMDF created by another person can not harm or affect someone already suffering from memory loss. That's the beauty of the human brain. You may influence the patient that he/she is actually someone else. The subject may also believe in whatever you are influencing and start behaving like that, but in this process, EMDF has no role, but if the subject by chance gets in contact with his/her own created EMDF, then the subject will go back to normal. I have seen many different cases. Even short-term memory loss and EMDF can help to bring anyone's memory back.

It is also possible that the patient will start remembering things by just seeing things, places or faces. This is due to the ability of self recollecting the data of the brain. The human brain is the only part of the human body that has the capability of self-healing to perform its continuous functionality. That's why sometimes people also get tumors if something terrible has happened or is happening with their brain. Don't link this with, because of memory loss people will get a tumor, this won't happen, I talked about this to explain things.

Many of the tumors are tiny and not harmful. That's why it remains undetected.

I don't want to help older people whose memory loss is because of age, and they have already lived their lives. I am saying this because their family is not dependent on them, so they should only have good memories of everyone. Older people usually forget bad things about people and only remember people important to them and should leave this world with a smile and good memories.


Important: Treatment, Memory loss, within 24 hours, Amnesia, Existential Magnetic and Dynamic Functional Message, EMDF, Alzheimer


Value: 9LU 137786, 9LU137786