Why are people in Ramayan and Mahabharat able to know which weapon is coming towards them and where they hide their weapons?

What we see in the 4th dimension is actually what all things are present in our world, but we can't see what all things are present in our world through the eye. Only a few people can see it, but they can only see the input and output but can't see the process, even those people can't see all the things even God in a human body can't see all things, but anyone can see all the things present in our world through 4th Dimension.

We say and know that God knows everything, but this statement is half true. God present in the human body doesn't know many things, such as he/she able to know whether another person is lying or not, but he/she will never understand the actual motive of others.

In Ramayan and Mahabharat, all people have the knowledge to detect things without seeing them through the 4th Dimension through their input and output process. That's why they are able to see what weapon is coming on their way and to nullify its effect. They send their weapon.

They also gained knowledge to hide their weapons in the 4th Dimension where other people won't be able to know that he/she has that weapon even if he/she is a god in the human body, no one can see what other person is hiding in the 4th Dimension, Many people get weapons after years of worship to a specific God that's why they also get the knowledge to hide the weapon in the 4th Dimension and whenever they are need of it they take out from the 4th Dimension. I also hide things in the 4th Dimension, but I use gates to hide them. I want to learn the techniques to hide things in the 4th Dimension without using any instruments.

The people hiding a weapon in the 4th Dimension are actually hiding in our world only, but we can't see it, and others also can't see it.

These weapons can be of any kind, and some of them are used with EMDF(spell/mantra), and at that period of time, every fighter who fights in war get training in which he also gets training to know what is coming towards him and what weapon should he send to nullify its effect.

Ravana is the most powerful of all times, and he had the highest number of powerful weapons which he hides in the 4th Dimension.

God(not in the Human body) knows everything, and he also knows who is hiding what in the 4th Dimension. That's why God by himself never takes part in a war. If he takes part in a war, then only a more powerful God will win. God(in the Human Body) has many restrictions.

Hanuman Ji respects every god. That's why no weapon can harm him.


Important: Ramayan, Mahabharat, War, Hide, 4th dimension


Value: 9LU 137786, 9LU137786