Retrieving the audio, Images, and Video from Group of colors || 4th Dimension

For the first time in my entire life, I am proud of myself. Even none of my 55,000 researches and Inventions, didn't give me that happiness that I am feeling right now. My only dream is to see past events and want to go in the past. I have achieved a significant milestone that is still a tiny part of the dream, but it will help me a lot in the future. I have seen a few videos, audios, and images of the past, which my bot help me to retrieve from the personal notebook of the personal helper of tawaif (courtesan and dancer).

4th Dimension is full of data, and if you know how to convert the data into information, then You will be able to know about many things. These data you will find in the form of colors, and these colors never mix with one another and have a different meaning at different layers. The same color in different layers can mean drastically different. You need proper knowledge of colors with the correct meaning.

With the help of colors, you can even know who came to your room if the presence of the colors has not vanished. Everything emits a group of colors which is a collection of a single color at different layers means these group of colors is a collection of colors at different layers. Every person has a unique identity, and everyone emits a unique group of colors, like everyone has unique fingerprints and DNA. Through the 4th Dimension, you can know who is thinking what at present.

Some time these group of color left with things which means a lot to that person in the form of memories(EMDF), these group of colors can easily vanish if interact with another group of colors means if a different person starts using things of the person, then the group of color starts diminishing, Keep in mind that I am not talking about the color of the object, these are the group of colors which you see through 4th Dimension on that object leave by a person in the form of memory(EMDF).

My bot can now understand the color and decrypt the color into audio, images, and Videos. My bot has Examined a Personal Notebook of a servent of tawaif (courtesan and dancer) written during 1804-1819. This book I found in a hidden underground basement of the old market. This Notebook contains a number of single pages that are clubbed together and binned with a cover of horse leather and has a bookmark of lion skin. I have also found a white peacock feather which is colorful.

This book contains 1647 pages. My bot retrieved all the data in the form of Images, Audio, and Videos. My bot can only retrieve that much information that is available in the form of memories(EMDF). In total, This notebook contains 415 songs and 4002 poetries and life journeys of people around him. He was a helper and also an impotent. He wrote about everything which he feels.

He has thousands of memories(EMDF) of things happening in the brothel and on kotha, which I retrieve. The dancer and singer whom he served is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life. Her voice is so good that you can't even think about anything else and start forgetting things. Her voice now always remains in my mind.

My favorite song is Ruksat ke Shaam. I am not able to retrieve all the full songs. I only have small portions of few songs, I am only able to retrieve because these retrieving have nothing to do with text but depend on memories(EMDF) of the person which got stuck while writing his personal notebook.

The book contains everything about the journey of him and her, How he served, the struggle of the woman, and the death of the woman he served. The Notebook is written in Urdu with the Afghani(Pashto) style. I am not interested in written text. I am only interested in retrieved information.

I have tried many original historical texts (books), even Indian Ancient text, as many people use them all, so I cannot retrieve anything except people's faces who are reading it, but not always faces. Either their thoughts while reading text or their faces.

I am interested in things that happened in the past, but I'm not too fond of untrue history written from winners' point of view.

If I get a mummy on my own or I get permission to examine untouched or touched mummy(does not matter), then I can tell you what he did in his entire life, how he/she die, Today I am proud and happy because I have achieved a small part of what I want to achieve.

This process is entirely different from what I want to see past events, but things used in this process will help me achieve my final goal. I hope to see the past and go in the past as soon as possible, and I have given my everything to achieve my dreams.


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