Created a Glass, harder and stronger than Diamond, for my Spacecraft

I needed an outer shell to perform experiments above 400 degrees Celsius and to store synthesized elements. I created an element named Tulip, which has a melting point of 5263 degrees Celsius. Later I found that the Amalgamation of Tulip with other elements forms the property of transparency like glass. It has the property of insulation. 

Diamond Glass(after many different processes of Amalgamation and other) has a melting point of 5528 degrees Celsius.

Diamond Glass is harder than actual Diamond. A particle of Diamond Glass with a speed above 2.736829428 x 10 power 4 m/s can break the Diamond Glass, while the same particle with almost one-hundredth speed can break the actual diamond. Diamond Glass can make a scratch on an Actual Diamond easily.

I have used the 4th Dimension to create Diamond Glass. For formation, it needed constant continuous pressure. I put it for infinite falling for 21944.25 minutes, which is approximately 15 days.

It is denser than any natural element on earth and also lighter than steel.


Before even starting building my spacecraft, I am making all the products that should be in the universe's best spacecraft.

I need an element for the outer part of spacecraft that can handle particles' attacks with a speed of more than 10 power 6 m/s. I am still trying to create such an element that should have 

-a melting point above 28 thousand degrees Celsius, 

-bad conductor of heat and electricity,

-low density with high strength,

-must have a memory for Existential Magnetic Field means should get back to its original state(shape and size) when coming under the same magnitude of EMF at which it is created,

-non-sonorous means should absorb sound but do not reflect it back,




-super hard,

-don't react with acid, base, water, oxygen and should remain neutral in nature.

I have created an element with all other properties except its melting point is 1400 degrees celsius, which is 20 times less than required, and my calculation is still going on. I am stealing time from the 4th Dimension, but still, it will take years to create that element. After inventing then it won't take much time in mass production.


All the information from here is not relevant to the above information. I am just sharing an update.

After doing the deal with the country, I have got the land and money. The whole land is now covered with boundaries, and all infrastructure is done as required. In a few years, the production of spacecraft will go into action.

I know many people have tried to do bad with me, but I won't do anything against them, life is all about giving people chances to become good, and one day everyone will become good. People try to fool me as if I won't get their real intentions, but I still listen to them and give them chances as one day they will realize that they are doing bad things. People are doing bad does not mean you will give up your good. When i was 7, i heard about story "sher aaya sher aaya". If I were in the place of villagers, I would listen to him every time even he is making a fool of me, one day he will get mature.

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